What is a CNC Machine?

What is a CNC Machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC machines use computer programming to control shop tools and create three-dimensional designs and parts. The CNC manufacturing process makes use of mechanical controls that can manipulate tools that are fitted into the machining center. These tools are used to cut and shape stock materials to form different parts and designs. The tools may include drills, milling tools, lathes, etc.; while the stock material can include wood, metal, plastic, foam, etc.

CNC machines help streamline this process and they even make customization easier for manufacturers. CNC machine also cut down on the need for manpower. The machine is completely automated, so manual controllers are no longer needed to run the machine. The precision provided by CNC machines also exceeds the precision of manual controls.

History of CNC Machining?

In the 1940s, the first numerical control (or NC) was created as a means to automate the process of manufacturing of customized parts fashioned out of stock material. However, NC machines were not the first to do this as turning machines which increased the precision of shop tools were invented in 1751.

NC machines were a refined and modern version of turning machines introduced in 1949. It was originally developed as an aid in Air Force research at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The NC machine was then upgraded to the CNC machine and with the introduction of the CNC machine in the 1940s and 1950s, telecommunications and data storage became more efficient and effective with the use of the CNC machines.

Today, CNC machining has evolved to the extent that 3D files are entered into a computer and this allows the computer’s program to control the tools. Everything from the axis and rotation of the tools to the dimensions of the final product are controlled by the computer and CNC machine.

What are the Specifics of CNC Machines?

CNC machines make use of many different tools, including milling tools and drills, etc. that are built into the cells of the machining center. The computer program that controls the CNC machine then selects the appropriate tool for the design and carries out the cutting process with precision. More advanced CNC machines can even flip and rotate objects automatically for better streamlining of the process.

Why You Should Consider Buying a CNC Machine Malaysia

For any manufacturer, CNC machine Malaysia can bring a lot of benefits to the design of a product. You will no longer need to supervise the entire cutting process from start to finish. CNC machines will guarantee uniformity in the finished product. CNC machines also take up less time in their processing and they are programmed to understand the most efficient way to approach a three-dimensional design.

CNC machine Malaysia will help cut down on the manpower in your workshop or factory. It is an investment that is definitely worth making. The best part is that you can find affordable CNC machines in Malaysia without having to put in too much effort.