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7 Reasons Why Choose KUEN Engineering as
Your Machining Fabricator
icon-36-years-of-engineering-excellence 39 Years of Engineering Excellence   icon-knowledge-led-engineering Knowledge-led Engineering
A reputable family business built with passion that provide customer with tip-top engineering services of extra care.   Focus on using the latest advanced technologies.
icon-diverse-industries-specialization Diverse Industries Specialization   icon-full-range-machining-facilities Full Range Machining Facilities
Oil & Gas, Hydraulic Products, Palm Oil, High Precision Machine Parts, with specialization in machining large and high precision parts.   CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, Manual Milling, Manual Lathe, Welding Machines and Wenzel XOrbit high quality control measuring equipments.
icon-global-connectivity Global Connectivity   icon-total-quality-commitment Total Quality Commitment
Strong collaboration with local and global business communities to keep tab with global trends and technologies for continuous improvements on product development.   Honest engineering solution that speaks the truth about your needs without compromising on quality. The company is soaked in quality culture.
icon-one-stop-machining-and-fabrication One-Stop Machining & Fabrication Solution      
Provides total customer's care and convenience with better quality control.      
Area of Specialization   Customer
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cnc-milling-machine-cnc-double-column-with-4-axisLarge Machine Parts

Kuen Engineering has a reputation in fabricating heavy-industry parts of huge dimension or "large machine part" which is one of our area of specialization because there are very few player in the market who have the facilities and experience to accommodate such requirement.

High Precision & High End Material

Kuen has the expertise and advanced technological machining facilities to work on sophisticated materials including "Super Duplex" stainless steel, Inconel and Monel which are required for high-precision products.
  Our customers are mainly multi-national companies involving in projects in the local industries that require high precision engineering and fabrication services that could produce parts that meet international quality and safety standards.

Our niche and focus are with the following industries:
  1. Oil & Gas Industry
  2. Hydraulic Products
  3. Fabrication of High Precision Machine Parts
  4. Palm Oil Industry
  5. Mining Industry
  6. Lifting & Crane Products
  7. Repairing